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AmandaLouise is a community of amazing women who are dedicated to living their best life through fitness, mindfulness and spirituality. We’re on a mission to change the world through positive vibes and a sisterhood of empowerment. We lovingly call ourselves the “Fit Chicks” and are SO HAPPY you’re here.


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Whether it’s finding your purpose, getting your mind right for a workout, or working through a difficult time… we fully believe in the power and benefits of meditation. So much so, that we have an exclusive collection available just for our community.


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Confessions of a Fit Chick
Our Podcast

Join us for authentic conversations with amazing humans about life, fitness, and everything in between.

Plant Magic
The Power of Essential Oils

Ready to uplevel your life in a seriously amazing way? Essential oils are one of our FAVORITE tools to do just that. We use them in everything from our meditations, to curing a head ache.

Mindful Fit Chick
Per-Workout Meditations

Ready to ditch the pre-workout chemical drinks for something a little more natural? Then check out these super short meditations designed specifically to be used right before you workout. Align your mind with your physical goals!