Purchasing Your Essential Oil Kit

 The choice to purchase a doTERRA essential oils kit is seriously one of the BEST you can make. These oils have CHANGED MY LIFE and I can’t wait for you to experience the same magic I have.

To purchase your kit, follow the instructions below.

*  Click Here

*  Choose your Country and Language

*  Fill in your personal info.

*  Choose the Wholesale Customer option to purchase doTERRA at 25% off for a full year whenever you want to shop. (I recommend you start as a customer even if you plan to build a business as a wellness advocate down the road.) The Enroller + Sponsor ID box should already be filled for you but if it isn't, enter 6535443 in the box Amanda Freick will appear. 

*  Fill in your personal info.

*  Choose whichever starter kit you’ve decided upon.

* Finalize your shipping and payment options.  Click “Process Order Now & Continue”

Once you’ve followed these steps I’ll be notified via email, and will send you a link to schedule a 1x1 call to go over the amazingness that will be showing up at your doorstep soon. You’ll also get all the AmandaLouise “extras” that are included with the kit that you’ve chosen.

Is this a little overwhelming?? No problem. Use the button below to schedule a quick call with me and I can do this process FOR YOU!