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Taking your bikini prep to the NEXT LEVEL through intentional mindfulness. ENJOY the journey, and your LIFE as you get ready to step on stage.


Your diet is on point


You’ve got the perfect workout plan


You’re all set to learn to pose like a pro

Yes, those things are VITAL for a successful competition prep… but they are NOT everything

I’m here to let you in on something many competitors are afraid to talk about… the MENTAL GAME is where the real challenge is. Are you ready for it?

Any of these ring true?

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You are full of energy and excitement when prep first starts, but you lose it after a few weeks and struggle to find the motivation needed to really get after your workouts.

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You find yourself “scrolling ‘til you’re sad” on social media… wondering how you could ever compete with such amazing women.

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You’re starting to question your relationship with food. You think “I can’t eat that” more than you’d like… or are becoming obsessed with every last calorie/macro.

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You’re stressed about how to find time for all the workouts, all the meal-prep, the family gatherings, work, and oh ya… taking care of YOURSELF.

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You have people in your life questioning your lifestyle, and you get defensive, or don’t know how to really answer their questions in a loving way.

You’re not alone… 

Women stepping on stage from all walks of life put amazing amounts of energy into the diet and workout, but neglect the mental aspect of the process which can lead to stress, depression, and anger.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

There IS a way to not only survive your competition prep, but truly ENJOY it. So much so that you’re radiating energy and people may start to think “what on earth is going on with her”.

You can utilize ancient practices, mixed with a little modern flare, to stay centered, excited, and motivated throughout this journey. Are you ready to take your competition prep to the NEXT LEVEL?

This is why I’ve poured my heart and soul into helping women, and I’m ready to help YOU take back control of your mind during prep.

  • Clearly define your “WHY” for stepping on stage, and be able to proudly share that with others.

  • Set clear goals for the competition season that you DO have control over and CAN achieve

  • Find your inner confidence to tackle any situation you find yourself in

  • Have those conversations with family and friends who may be passing judgement on your lifestyle… from a place of LOVE

  • Enjoy social media in a healthy way and know when it’s not serving you

  • Maintain a great relationship with food, and be aware of the warning signs when things are going off course

  • Call upon the motivation that is ALREADY INSIDE YOU

  • Prioritize your time to meet your goals

  • Become intentional with the people you surround yourself with and how you are interacting with them

  • Show yourself the LOVE you truly deserve

  • Release the pressures of having “all the things” for prep (aka. maxing out credit cards to have what she has…)

  • Keep your nerves in check, and turn that energy into excitement on show day


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The step-by-step, MINDFULNESS PROGRAM, showing you HOW TO ENJOY YOUR PREP, and live a FULFILLING HAPPY LIFE throughout your competition journey.

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I’ve invested countless hours, over many years, working with women just like you 

  • Women who thought that “pain” was just part of the bikini competition process

  • Women that killed themselves physically to step on stage, just to find themselves miserable all the way to show day

  • Women who couldn’t understand why they looked better than ever, but found themselves constantly in a spiral of negative self-talk

The Result?

An easy to follow program that allows you to step on stage as the happiest, most dedicated, badass version of yourself.


So let’s talk about what this really is.

The program is broken up into 13 modules that can be done at your own pace.

Each module includes

  • Guided Meditation(s) to help set the stage for true understanding of the topic of the module, to help solidify the positive thoughts involved, and to help you really understand where you’re at in the process

  • Video Content that drives home the conversation around the module topic. Are you a listener of the Confessions of a Fit Chick podcast? If you think that is the real deal, this is the stuff that we DON’T say on air.

  • Journal Prompts that help you PROCESS the content and step into the life and mindset we’re creating

Your Investment 

The Mindful Competitor Program will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Here’s the value…


But because I want to help AS MANY WOMEN AS POSSIBLE, here is our offer to YOU!