Mother | Engineer | Entrepreneur | Fit Chick | Spiritual Junkie

Hi, I’m Amanda… founder of AmandaLouise and a girl on a mission to help women find a community of love, light, and holistic wellness.

My journey is an interesting one. I’ve spent my life as an over-achiever. Valedictorian in high school, an electrical engineering degree in college, quick promotions in my career… always running, no, more like CHASING, what I thought was my dream. Through some key relationships, and A LOT of self work, I’ve found that most of that is just noise. Do I love my job? I love my WORK. I love connecting people for the greater good. I love finding the positive spin on things. I love creating something that helps other people.

It’s taken a while for me to realize that the things that light me up do not come in a specific form. They are realized in my “day job”, in my “side hustle”, and everywhere in between.

AmandaLouise.Life is the latest part of this journey. It’s the place where I’m pouring out my soul, and sharing how I am stepping into my purpose and hoping to make a difference. It’s the place where women come together because there is so much more to life than the rat race.

Let’s learn together, share together, RISE together.

Welcome girl. Welcome to your new tribe, your new sisterhood, your new LIFE.

Sending love and epic vibes,


Amanda Freick

Founder - AmandaLouise LLC